Pros And Cons Of The Python Programming Language

pros and cons of python programming language

When anyone picks a language to complete their project, they wish to deep and thorough with what they can do with it. The programmers think of being aware of how the language is helpful in an efficient way based on what they want to do. They also wish to be careful as no issues must occur while writing the program and executing it. Python is one of the best programming languages through which you can code simply and easily. It is important to understand its advantages and drawbacks while you are choosing it for your project. 

Benefits of the python programming language

Let’s discuss the benefits of python programming language to understand its significance and its use in picking it for projects. 


Python is a language which can be extended to other programming languages. You can write the code in some languages like C or C++. This is helpful mainly when you do it in some of the projects. 

Extensive Libraries:

The downloads of the python have an extensive library and it also possesses various purposes code like unit testing, document generation, regular expressions, web browsers, databases, CGI, email, image manipulation, and regular expressions etc. This is the reason it is not essential to write the entire code in a manual way. 

Enhanced productivity:

The simplicity of the language and libraries which are extensive render the programmers to be more productive than other languages like C++ and Java. It is also required to write less and make the things to be done more.


It is the best-embedded language which has better extensibility and complimentary. You can keep your python code in different language source code such as C++. It allows you to adding the capabilities of scripting to our code in the other language. 

Easy and simple:

When you actually work with the java language, you might make a class for printing help world. Yet in python, a print statement will do this task. Python is also simple and easy to learn for the people mostly who faces a hard time with Java language or other complicated languages. 


Python supports object-oriented and procedural paradigms of programming. As the functions help us with objects, classes, and code reusability and let model the world of reality. A class enables the data encapsulation and operates as one function.

Opportunities of IoT:

As python forms the new frameworks such as Raspberry Pi, it lets you find the better future of the internet of things. This is one manner in connecting the language in the world of reality. An interesting use of this is with dating apps for mobile devices. A popular hookup app Meet n Fuck App utilizes the language to implement augmented reality features into their sex app. This allows casual daters to have a different experience that is innovative in the adult dating space. The dating app startup was able to do this thanks to the flexibility of python, which is what their platform was developed with.


It is not a verbose language, reading this language is same as reading the English language. This is the simple reason why python is simple to understand, learn, and code. It also does not contain any curly braces for defining blocks which aids the code readability.

Open source and free:

This language is available freely and you can download it for free. You can download its source code for free of cost, make some changes to it, and distribute them with libraries in extensive collection for helping you with your tasks or operations. 


It is the language which is interpreted. As the statements are executed line by line as the debugging is easy than any language which is compiled. 


When you think of coding in a language such as C++, it is crucial to make alterations if you wish to run on another framework. This is not at all same for python language. Here you are just required to code only once and you can run it at any platform. But you have to be careful to involve any features which are system dependent. 

python language features

Drawbacks of the python programming language

It is already discussed that python is the best option for your venture, yet if you pick it, then you need to know its results or outcomes as well. Let’s discuss the disadvantages of python programming language. 

Weak in browsers and mobile computing:

This language serves as the language of server-side, it is rarely on the client-side of the system. It is also rarely utilized for designing applications which are smartphone-based. Another reason is it is weak and not much secure one in browsers. 

Limitations of speed:

You can observe that code of python is executed step by step as it is interpreted. It sometimes leads to slow execution of the code. But this is not an issue unless speed is the main point of the venture. But the advantages offered by this language are enough in distracting from the limitations of speed. 

Thus, these are the benefits and drawbacks of using python programming language across the world. It is important to understand the advantages and cons of a language before picking it in your project to code and implement.